05 February, 2013


It’s time for our society to realize that men are not good at politics.

We’ve seen arrogant dictators world wide ( all male ) who would rather slaughter the innocent than relinquish power. There is nary a place on the globe where males can be found who succeed as political representatives. Period. Apparently men are not very adept at governance.

Men suck at budgeting. Men can’t get along. They bicker. They posture. They draw a line in the sand. They war. They don’t say what they mean. The ‘good old boy’ mentality has been running Washington D.C. for so very long that America has been driven into the proverbial ‘ditch’.  The US government seems broken at every level. Wars, debt, poverty, cronyism, a crumbling infrastructure, a diminished economy and of course 'catering to the very wealthiest' ... the list goes on and on and on without end.

And what is the legacy? What has been accomplished? How can we Americans move forward?

Every election cycle is the same tired and rather sad story... cycle after cycle without resolution. Immigration reform, women’s reproductive rights, entitlement funding, military funding, health care reform and more and more; nothing is resolved, nothing has changed. Nothing seems to move forward. It’s enough to make you blow red, white and blue chunks as one poseur after another conjures up cheap sentiment regarding faith, mom, and / or the American dream!

The fascinating thing about this is that every male at every level in every office in every civilized location worldwide knows with certainty that it’s women who are in charge.

Women keep the home in order. It's women who manage the household budget and bring meals to the table. Women manage a family’s financial and social obligations, plan for weddings and births and deftly manage the simple niceties of gifting, networking, child rearing and basically living together. These traits are the very root of the political skill set.

A burly guy who can move the sofa is probably a poor choice for political representation. A guy who fares well on the battlefield isn’t necessarily a good legislator. The descendant of some wealthy and familiar political dynasty is not automatically worthy of your vote. Be wise and examine the true reality of a candidate’s circumstance.

A woman has the final word in physical intimacy. Apparently some of the male electorate still do not understand basic biology! And still it’s the woman who must fight for her physical rights or even to march into battle along side her male counterparts. It’s also women who most effectively comfort the afflicted.

This has been such a load of ongoing rubbish! Apparently men fear women to a great extent. And whatever man fears he wants to control. Centuries past ( in the orient ) a woman’s feet were bound and broken and so women were made to hobble. Women have been collected into harems. The Islamic world still forces women to cover themselves head to toe with the ‘burka’. Islamic women are still denied a driver’s license. Even now daughters are bartered or sold or forced into arranged marriages for the good of the family. Women and children have been murdered for only their desire to be educated. Again, this has been such a load of rubbish!

None the less our society has been blessed with male dominance. What a piece of crap this has been for modern society! Peer closely at your world and you’ll see that this is all true.

I think men have had more than a fair chance at governing and they’ve blown it. It’s troubling to say this as a guy but I think it’s time for the long winded and long serving men ( who have manipulated American policy to their great personal benefit ) to vacate the halls of power.

Men excel at the kind of testosterone fueled bravado necessary to build fires, stab prey and sear meat ( let’s call it the slash, burn and barbecue effect ). These skills of conquest, once laudable, are barely appropriate in today's political arena. Women are schooled in subtle perceptions of detail that have yet to be employed in international circles. 

Come on good ole boys, step aside!