16 August, 2016



Perhaps we may at last put to rest the ongoing Republican denial of climate change. At this hour the East Coast is baking, the West Coast is burning and the Southern States are Flooding. Additionally, there are 4 weather disturbances in the Tropics and two more forming in the Pacific not to mention a deadly earthquake in Italy. I understand that Republicans often selectively deny climate issues. If an issue does not exist then certainly there is no need for recognition or funding. As has been said: 'Ignorance is bliss'.

Dear Mr. Trump,
American Presidents are not permitted to employ sarcasm. Sarcasm is a concept that may not be widely recognized by the international community.
You ( as President ) are not permitted to exaggerate, mis-interpret, re-imagine, mis-quote or mis-remember. Those are the rules. A President can seldom ‘ walk it back ‘.
Every President is tasked to ‘ call out ‘ on behalf of all Americans; to every voter [ indeed to every global citizen ] and to establish a path forward for our nation. That’s the job. There is nothing more relevant to the office.
Your behavior / role as a real estate mogul would cease. You would then become a servant of our nation. I'm curious, does public service appear anywhere on your resume?
May I also remark that Americans are weary of witnessing their legislators to be attired in expensive clothing like French Sleeves and Cuff Links. And all for a day at the office? It’s rather elitist. But then again you have always been reluctant to conceal your opulent wealth.

Congress! Roll up your sleeves and get to work for America. This is not a fashion show!
Being ' very Presidential ' is not a suit to be worn on only a special occasion.
Election winning candidates such as Bill Clinton and President Obama and to a certain extent George W. Bush seem to possess a quality that you lack. I cannot know what your term might be for this quality but I label it ' refined '.
These esteemed public servants are not the product of reality TV. They were previously elected as Governor or Senator ( okay, one was a cheerleader ). Kindly familiarize yourself with the scope of their work. They are not billionaires and so may not be among the 1%.
However, each in turn has rather fumbled the fragile jewel of global perception upon which our national securities depend. Let’s put an end to that.
My impression of POTUS is that even our greatest leaders must continually perfect their diplomatic skills. Diplomacy is difficult. It is the domain of masterful communicators ( not masterful salesman ).
I was resigned in belief that this obstructionist Republican Congress could go no further in diminishing the Presidency. But then, the party selected you as their nominee.
Mr. Trump. You are a volatile candidate to be certain. Volatility has been the cornerstone of your entire campaign.
I’ve managed to cobble together a few realities that we, the American people, must be prepared to accept should you actually become elected:
1.) The stock market will tank. The market deplores volatility.
2.) You would be the only President to bring multiple divorces into the office. You would also be the only President whose First Lady was featured in a nude pictorial. I truly am not qualified to wax cogently about the influence this might have on younger women who have traditionally found the role of FLOTUS to be inspirational. 
3.) At this writing you would be the first candidate who has refused to release their Tax return. I suppose it is difficult to seek paltry campaign donations when you are purported to have billions at your disposal.
4.) You are the first Candidate to accept a nomination while persisting to issue broad based condemnations of women, war heroes, Muslims and Hispanics. And most recently, the media.
You were gifted with a ‘ Purple Heart ’ remarking that you’ve always wanted one and that ‘ this way was so much easier’.
FYI: No one seeks to obtain a ‘ Purple Heart ’. One receives the award to honor life threatening acts of heroism. Of course, since you were able to avoid military service, you may not be aware of the true relevance.
5.) You would also be the first candidate to infer that a woman who is beleaguered by unwanted sexual advances in the workplace should simply extract themselves and to go in search of another place of employment. What does that even mean?
Your remark is ludicrous. However, this would seem to be in line with previous Republican remarks whose lack of reproductive awareness has astonished every graduate of eighth grade biology.
6.) You would be the only nominee to assure coal miners that you would personally rejuvenate the coal industry; an industry whose product has lost relevance in the 21st Century. Sadly, that noble and now struggling workforce has placed their trust in you. “ Trump Digs Coal “.
7.) One for the records; you would be the first and only candidate ever to be simultaneously endorsed by Sarah Palin, Larry the Cable Guy, Dennis Rodman, Duck Dynasty, Mike Tyson, Ann Coulter and the KKK ( albeit disavowed ). Moreover, previous Republican Presidents have chosen to boycott your nominating convention.
Let’s face it. The Republican party has nominated the proverbial ‘ Smelly Cat ‘ portrayed in song by Phoebe Buffay on the 90’s American TV sit-com ‘ Friends ’. You sir are that ‘ Smelly Cat ‘.
High ranking members of the RNC have sought to distance themselves from you in prior months. And now, astonishingly, these same individuals are reversing themselves as if to say that the smell could have been worse. They have chosen ‘ party over country ‘.
All of America is watching and all are well informed.